Vine Branches


Professional Summary

Accomplished .NET Framework Software Engineer / Architect / Project Manager with experience in all aspects of Software Development, Web Development, I/T, and Tech Support. Stanford MSCS with proven track record of high performance. Most comfortable with C#, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT but capable and willing to tackle any programming challenge. Articulate, creative, organized, personable, and energetic self-starter who takes ownership of assignments and drives for results. Software Developer you can trust communicating with your most valuable customers.

Note To Recruiters

My most current resume is best downloaded from my Stanford Page and is available in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat formats.

Skill Set

  • Programming Languages

    • Current Proficiency
      • ASP
      • ASP.Net
      • C#
      • JavaScript
      • VisualBasic.Net
      • VisualBasicScript
    • Past Experience
      • ActionScript
      • C
      • C++
      • IBM 390 Assembly
      • Java
      • Rexx
      • VB6
  • Interfaces, Standards & Protocols

    • Current Proficiency
      • ADO
      • ADO.Net
      • CSS
      • HTML
      • ODBC
      • SQL Stored Procedures
      • SQL Triggers
      • Transact-SQL
      • XML
      • XSLT
    • Past Experience
      • CDO
      • HTTPS
      • MS Office PIA
      • SSL
      • UPS Web Services
  • Development Tools

    • Current Proficiency
      • ClearCase
      • ClearQuest
      • MS .Net Framework 1.1
      • MS .Net Framework 2.0
      • Visual Studio 2003
      • Visual Studio 2005
    • Past Experience
      • CygWin
      • MS .Net Framework 1.0
      • PVCS
      • Test Director
      • Toad
      • Vault
      • Visual Studio 2002
      • WinCvs
      • WinScp
      • XMLSpy
  • Databases

    • Current Proficiency
      • SQL Server 2005
    • Past Experience
      • DB2
      • IMS
      • MS Access
      • MySQL
      • Oracle
      • SQL Server 2000
      • SyBase
  • Operating Systems

    • Current Proficiency
      • Windows XP
      • Windows 2003 Server
      • Windows Vista
    • Past Experience
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows NT
      • Windows 98
      • OS/2
      • IBM OS/390
  • Administrative Apps

    • Current Proficiency
      • IIS6 Console
      • Windows DNS Console
      • Windows User Administration
    • Past Experience
      • IIS5 Console
      • MS Indexing Service Console
      • ODBC Data Sources
  • Design Tools

    • Current Proficiency
      • MS Expression Design
      • MS Expression Web
      • PhotoShop


  • Senior Software Developer
    Austin TX
    Nov 2015 - present

    Front-end software developer for the Zenoss flagship software products. Integrate via ExtJS and Angular frameworks to complex back-end network monitoring software. Also able to dive into back-end API work via GoLang and Python.

  • Project: Zenoss Control Center

    • Improved the usability and user experience of a large tree view of processes by displaying top level processes and only loading sub-processes on demand via user interaction.

Leaf Group Ltd

  • Senior UI Developer
    Austin TX
    Sept 2010 - 2015

    Front-end software developer for very large informational and how-to website properties. Primarily CSS3 HTML5 and jQuery web application programming with Jinja2 templating and MongoDB backend database serving up JSON result sets.

  • Project: eHow Internationalization

    • Created generic international Jinja2 templates to serve as the foundation for several international sites. Site structure was designed to allow quick launches and simplify maintenance across locales. eHow en Espanol was launched in 2011 and in less than 6 months it has gathered over 1 million Facebook fans.

Overwatch Textron Systems

  • Senior Software Developer
    Austin TX
    July 2004 - July 2010

    Software developer for data gathering and visualization projects. Primarily C# .Net web application programming with additional assignments in several other technologies, interfaces, and programming languages.

  • Project: DCGS-A MATRIX TOOLS 2007

    • .Net Framework 2.0 C# Windows application utilizing the Overwatch VIPER framework toolbox. Activity Matrix and Association Matrix employ a third-party Xceed Grid for display of data obtained via delegates to the overall product messaging subsystem.

      • C#
      • .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0
      • SQL SERVER 2005
      • XCEED GRID
  • Project: WEBUI MESSAGING 2006

    • .Net Framework 1.1 C# ASP.Net enhancement to existing web-based product to create subscriptions to central SOA publishing server. C# backend with XSLT-Transformed result sets to display lists of subscriptions in a custom grid. Old School Ajax calls allowed updates to grid without entire page refresh.

      • C#
      • XSLT
      • ASP.Net
      • Ajax
      • JavaScript
      • .NET FRAMEWORK 1.1
      • SQL SERVER 2000

Vine Branches LLC

  • Sole Proprietor Austin TX
    2001 - present

    Between 2001-2004 as a contract programmer, I've handled a variety of assignments and technologies, drawing on my experience and creativity to deliver world-class solutions to my clients. My consultancy and web solutions company has created and enhanced several websites for a growing list of clients. Many of the rich features of these sites lie behind administrative or membership login interfaces. I can provide screenshots and detailed descriptions upon request.

  • Client: Houston Rockets / Toyota Center / Vertical Alliance

    Software architect / developer / website director / consultant. Working as a contractor to the Toyota Center ticketing vendor Vertical Alliance, I was lead liaison to the arena managers, the Houston Rockets in architecting, developing, and deploying a new event management system for as well as developing other arena-associated applications. Worked remotely and onsite.

    • Sep 2003 - Mar 2004
      Houston TX

    • Project: Toyota Center Event Management

      Sole architect and software developer for .Net Framework 1.0 ASP.Net C# event management system - controlling the display of basketball, ice hockey, concerts, and special events. XML database maintains event data. management system controls all event states (announce, presale, lottery, on-sale, special offers, sold-out, off-sale, removal) for all Toyota Center events. created search and filter widgets.


      Sole architect and software developer for .Net Framework 1.0 ASP.Net C# banner management system permitting programming of web site event banner changes.

  • Client: Resources for Living

    Contract .Net software developer for employee assistance program provider. Also assisted in help desk functions.

    • Austin TX
      Aug 2003
  • Client: LodgeNet Entertainment

    Contract ActionScript software developer for world's largest provider of on-demand movies, music, and games to the lodging industry. Survey module will be deployed into more than 1 million rooms worldwide. Worked onsite.

    • Sioux Falls SD
      Jan 2003 - Mar 2003

Dell Computer

  • Lead Software Engineer
    Software Planner
    Austin TX
    Aug 1998 - May 2001

    Software Engineer for world's largest and most profitable personal computer manufacturer. Performed software requirement analysis for each preloaded operating system and delivered functional specifications for each. Delivered sets of software drivers on time every time. Developed design, functional, and technical specifications. Developed, analyzed, and implemented test strategies. Authored and approved end user documentation.

  • Summary:

    • Windows
    • Project Mgmt
    • Software Specs
    • Vendor Mgmt
    • Html
    • Documentation
  • Lead Software Engineer

    • Primary Software Engineer of Latitude Product Development Team that took Latitude from #4 to #1 business notebook brand on the planet.
    • First Dell Portables Software Engineer to tackle dual-branded projects (Corona II/Cypress).
    • Worked hand-in-glove with Microsoft on implementing all new Windows operating systems, specifically driver interaction with the OS layers, power management issues, APM and ACPI BIOS implementations, mobile/wireless computing, and computer docking issues.
    • Architected and developed the first Dell portables multilingual software driver CD for worldwide distribution.
    • Defined first-ever Dell Portables vendor benchmarks and vendor responsiveness dashboards. Dashboards have been mainstreamed and are the basis for effective vendor responsiveness tracking.
    • Projects

      1. Latitude

        • CPxJ "Churchill"
        • CPtS "Churchill"
        • CPxH "Corona II"
        • CPtV "Corona II"
        • CSxH "Macanudo II"
        • CS R "Macanudo"
      2. Inspiron

        • 3800 "Starship"
        • 3700 "Cypress"


  • Senior Software Developer
    Senior Software Planner
    San Jose CA
    Dec 1984 - Jun 1998

    Increasing ability and responsibility for software tech support, planning, and project management. Awarded eleven individual and team awards in thirteen years of service, recognizing consistent high performance, including Director's Award for Excellence.

  • Summary

    • HTML
    • LotusScript
    • REXX
    • OS/2
    • JAVA
    • 390 ASSEMBLY
    • IMS
  • Senior Software Engineer

    • Integral part of cross-divisional team to launch first worldwide IBM tech support internet site.
    • Created first intranet for tech support, consolidated reference documents.
  • Software Planner

    • Forecasted multi-million-dollar tech support personnel budgets.
    • Publicly praised for outstanding technical presentations at users group conferences, attended by hundreds of IBM's most influential customers.
    • Architected the software division's first service extension process which resulted in $2 million revenue.
  • Level3 Tech Support Engineer

    • Coded hundreds of product changes, fixes, and enhancements in assembly code. Participated in code reviews, mentored new employees, and solved thousands of issue reports with one code error in five years.
    • Provided relief fixes and code changes to clients. Documented issues with existing code and developed multithreaded assembly-level code for assigned components.


  • MS Computer Science Stanford University 1998
  • BS Computer Science Ohio State University 1984


  • MCSD
  • MCSE+I
  • MCSE
  • MCT (expired)
  • MCP+I
  • OS/2 Engineer
  • Toastmasters CTM
Carl’s work over the past several years shows the remarkable progression of his design talents, not only from table-based design to Web standards, but also from relatively uninformed layouts to mature design solutions. — Khoi


Your website should reflect your business expertise. A cluttered page with a dozen things begging for attention can distract your visitors from the important messages you want to make.

My clients and I work together to create a pleasant website to view, but more importantly, one that focuses visitor attention on your company's products and services.

Building a web presence is a collaborative effort, but don't worry, I'm easy to work with. Feel free to contact me to discuss your website plans.


Success Stories.

It feels great when a good website comes together. My clients' sites are unique creations, crafted with care and precision. Because I work with the client needs in mind, each website design tells a story.

Vine Branches wants to make the website a reflection of the business it represents. Every website has a unique experience and personality. Each, you could say, is a story itself...

The Paper Chase.

Guiding students through middle school and high school successfully is a tough job in itself. Parents and students, however, can find themselves unprepared for university life if they don't plan ahead. Middlebridge Educational Consulting provides several workshops and consulting opportunities to demystify the university application process and set students up for success in their post-secondary educational aspirations.

The Middlebridge Educational Consulting website speaks to these concerns in a modern, easy-to-read way. Casual faces provide reassurance that university degree aspirations are best met by proper preparation and focused attention.

An animated logo provides a reassuring welcome along with large, friendly imagery and dashes of animation. The welcoming feel pervades the site to spotlight not only the accomplishments of the consulting practice, but also the accolades received from grateful students.

A River Runs Through It.

The Lost Creek Limited District sought to present timely information on several different water-related issues. Lake Levels, burn ban status, oak wilt status, and up-to-the-minute weather information were all mentioned as important indicators to the local residents.

Vine Branches tackled the complexity with custom programming to gather information from several sources, then present that information as a water awareness dashboard. The dashboard is simple to digest, yet presents a myriad of informational tidbits collected from several different sources. The large dashboard lettering focuses the visitor's on the information while surrounding text support and enhance the meaning.

The resulting home page sends a clear message that water is important and that the Lost Creek Limited District is focused on serving its residents.


Law firm and attorney sites are awash in a sea of gavels, scales, and marble columns. The last thing my Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Elyria, Ohio client wanted was to have his site blend in. Working with Michael D Doyle, we agreed on a striking image and tagline that makes a memorable impression on its visitors while casting an sense of confidence over his practice.

This design tears the competition to shreds and casts them aside as mere internet flotsam and jetsam. Visitors will get a clear sense of strength and confidence that a OVI DUI DWI Attorney should present.

Not just another pretty face, M D Doyle's site is enhanced with prominent calls to action, a rotating carousel, and an on-page contact form that allows potential clients to contact Elyria Bankruptcy Attorney Doyle without the need of an email program.

Triumph of the Nerds.

Let's face it, a computer isn't the kind of product that causes one's pulse to race. That doesn't mean a computer retailer has to have a boring website. In fact, a solid modern website is just what suits the folks at Metro Computer Resources. They were selling, installing, repairing, and maintaining computers before we even had something called the internet.

Carl Innocenti and staff have been helping doctors, lawyers, and medium-sized businesses for over two decades. Their clientele is built from their reputation for quality products and services at fair prices.

Vine Branches presents that quality reputation in a contemporary fashion -- with modern and polished graphics, interactive banner, and custom glow-over navigation. Because, hey, we nerds like to have fun too.